Alexander Livestock
Lampasas, TX

Loading Chutes

12' & 16' Portable Loading Chute

Constructed of a 2" square tubing heavy duty frame, the side panels are 1 1/2" square tubing covered with 48" Galvaneal sheet metal. A wooden floor is adjustable to 4 height settings and has metal cleats for sure footing.  The alley width is 29".  An Optional Rumber floor is backed by a 20-year warranty.

Hinged Adjustable legs are designed for ease of operation- just pull the pins and back up the chute and it will automatically rise into loading position.  The hitch tongue can be dropped down, swung to either side or even removed.  16" Tires come standard.  Available lengths are 12' and 16' Optional Catwalks are also available.

14' Stationary Loading Chute

This all steel 14' stationary loading chute is constructed of 2-inch heavy-duty square tubing. The all steel floor is made of 1/8" floor plate.  An optional Rumber floor is backed by a 20-year warranty.  Steel cleats are spaced every 11 inches to prevent slipping.  Sides are constructed of 16 gauge Galvaneal sheet metal.  A catwalk on the left side of the chute aids in loading cattle.  A spring loaded bumper on front matches the truck and is constructed of 1/2" steel plate.
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